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GeoConnectionsGeoConnections helps decision-makers use online location-based (or "geospatial") information, such as maps and satellite images, to tackle some of Canada's most pressing challenges.

The program focuses on working with partners in public health, public safety and security, the environment and sustainable development, Aboriginal matters, and geomatics technology development.

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CompusultCompusult Limited was formed in 1985 as a computer consulting firm with a primary focus on the development of scientific applications to support environmental data acquisition and management. From that beginning, Compusult is now a global leader in geospatial Interoperability. We market a suite of standards based applications offering revolutionary solutions for geospatial data discovery, access and delivery. These data management solutions are built around our core software system, Web Enterprise Suite, a turnkey system able to pull together diverse data holdings and systems.

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Canadian Centre for Marine Communications

Canadian Centre for Marine CommunicationsCCMC* is a separately incorporated entity of Memorial University, with its head office located at the Marine Institute in St. John's, Newfoundland.

The objectives of the corporation are to support the development of technologies which improve the safety, security and productivity of users on, above and below the waters of the world.

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SmartBayLocated on the south coast of Newfoundland, Placentia Bay is fringed by a host of small communities, all of which rely to some extent on the adjoining waters for their livelihood. The bay is considered an environmentally sensitive area, hosting an abundant and diverse marine ecosystem. The bay is also the scene of significant industrial activity.

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WES Analyst - A Web Mapping client that supports OGC standards such as Context, WMS, WFS, WCS, SLD, SOS, SAS and SPS. Read more

WES Sensor Management - Sensor discovery and observations are viewable in Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps or the provided WES viewer. Read more

Google Earth WES Search - Perform searches of data libraries using Google Earth as the search client. Launch!

Developers Corner Developers Corner

Developers Corner - This portlet contains "how to" developer information with interface level guidelines for accessing portal services.