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SensorBay Sensors

SensorBay SensorsSensorBay consolidates and makes discoverable a community of sensors in, on, and around Placentia Bay, Newfoundland. Schools, private sector organizations, and government agencies are collaborating to make SensorBay a success, each providing key personnel, facilities, tools, and applications to make the combined sensor data accessible via the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI).

SensorBay will allow anyone with an interest in issues affecting the Placentia Bay region to benefit from the applications and information that a community of sensors offers. For example, if an oil spill occurs in the bay, local interests and response personnel can use the sensor information to assist with real-time assessments of potential impacts on communities, coastlines, sensitive areas, etc. The image above presents a map of the Placentia Bay region and identifies existing sensors, data sources, and locations of interest.


The currently available sensors and data sources include:

  • CCMC's SmartBay Buoys
  • Environment Canada Water Quality Data
  • Meteorological Data from Compusult Weather Stations and Environment Canada stations
  • Oceonagraphic Data
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Water Level / Flow Data
  • Ship Traffic Data from Compusult-owned AIS Receivers

SensorBay provides the following innovations:

new and improved OGC-compliant modules for Compusult's Web Enterprise Suite (WES) product line;
implementation of the latest OGC standards for Web-based sensor discovery and data collection in accordance with the OGC's SWE initiative;
a standardized method of accessing sensor data over the Web;
new opportunities for the use of existing CGDI technologies; and,
new opportunities for geospatial and other data distribution and dissemination to many different user communities.

SensorBay is also intended to support social innovation by allowing various types of users to access and apply sensor-based and geospatial data to meet community, industry, and individual needs.


What's New What's New

WES Analyst - A Web Mapping client that supports OGC standards such as Context, WMS, WFS, WCS, SLD, SOS, SAS and SPS. Read more

WES Sensor Management - Sensor discovery and observations are viewable in Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps or the provided WES viewer. Read more

Google Earth WES Search - Perform searches of data libraries using Google Earth as the search client. Launch!

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