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User's Guide - Step-by-step instructions on usage of Portal components.

Computer Based Training - Interactive training simulation on usage of the portal.


The Services used by the SenorBay portal have adhered to four standard interface definitions for web services using criteria outlined by the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium).

Sensor Observation Service (SOS)
A standard web service interface for requesting, filtering and retrieving observations and sensor system information.

Sensor Planning Service (SPS)

A standard web service interface for requesting user-driven acquistions and observations.

Sensor Alert Service (SAS)
A standard web interface for publishing and subscribing to alerts from sensors.

Web Notification Services (WNS)
A standard web service interface for asynchronous delivery of messages or alerts from SAS and SPS web services and other elements of service workflows.

What's New What's New

WES Analyst - A Web Mapping client that supports OGC standards such as Context, WMS, WFS, WCS, SLD, SOS, SAS and SPS. Read more

WES Sensor Management - Sensor discovery and observations are viewable in Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps or the provided WES viewer. Read more

Google Earth WES Search - Perform searches of data libraries using Google Earth as the search client. Launch!

Developers Corner Developers Corner

Developers Corner - This portlet contains "how to" developer information with interface level guidelines for accessing portal services.